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I miss Paris. Even though I’ve only been once, it felt so familiar. Wonderfully nostaglic almost…  like home. Maybe it’s the New Yorker in me. I don’t know. But having a gluten allergy in Paris was NOT easy. NOT AT ALL. Bread is pretty much eaten with every meal. I’m surprised they don’t have a baguette on the French flag for crying out loud!

It was tricky circumnavigating my way thru the city with bread heavy culture. But the huz was so supportive, he hardly even touched the stuff while were were there, which was so very considerate of him. I almost had to ask him not to hold back and enjoy himself and all the bread stuffs France had to offer.

In my PGF days, (that’s Pre Gluten Free), I was an avid bread and pastry eater. I indulged in the stuff on a regular and even used to joke that I’d rather give up meat than bread. I guess the universe has a dark and ironic sense of humor and here I am with a gluten allergy. Go figure.But I digress…

Croissant dough ready to bake...

Croissant dough ready to bake…

Since the advent of my allergy, I have actually been missing one of my all time fave treats: croissants. Light, buttery, soft, flaky just melting in your mouth with fatty slightly sweet goodness… Man, I tell ya. I haven’t had one in years. You would think that living in the New York City area I would have had some luck by now with this. And believe me I have searched and I have tried, but so far, to no avail. Le sigh.

This is not to say that I haven’t seen any GF croissants around. They sporadically make appearances at local bakeries that specialize in gluten free treats and in a few other places. But I have to say, these are not the croissants that I once knew. Oh no, no. These seem to the contrary rather dense, bulky and dare I say even awkward looking! Almost like one of those weird Pilsbury crecsent rolls thats fashioned into the shape of a croissant to try and make it seems more appetizing. I have yet to see the subtly attractive, soft and flaky layers of the croissants that I once longed for. And it really makes me wonder: are there really not ANY good gluten free croissants out there??? Is no one making a GF version that could actually rival the real thing??? Say it aint’ so! Really every time I think about it, it  actually makes me a bit sad. Like a little piece of me just curls up into a ball inside and weeps for the seemingly non-existent deliciously flaky gluten free croissant.

And so I am left searching, for an amazing gluten free croissant. Who knows, maybe I’ll get the patience to try and make my own one day. Despite the labor intensive nature of it’s production. In the meantime, I”ll continue my search and will be looking for a good (GF) croissant, and believe me, when I find it, you guys will be the first to know! 😉


  1. Peter Ortiz says

    Sounds like a great project Shea! Please let me know if you need any test subjects as you are experimenting different samples :)

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