“LET THEM EAT CAKE!”… A (True) Wedding Story




I recently attended an awesome, quaint and fun wedding in the countryside (a briar to be exact) in upstate New York. The setting was perfect, the guests had great energy and the vibe was awesome (but then again the bride and groom are awesome folks, so it was to be expected).



As we sat on the well manicured lawn on the edge of a cliff that overlooked the briar at sunset, while the bride and groom exchanged “I do’s” my mind began to wander. Or rather, my stomach. I started to think about what the food was going to be like, and if there would be any gluten free options for me, besides salad and booze! Partly because I was hungry, and partly because the reception tent was a mere 200 feet away from us and I could see the staff setting up the buffet station towards the end of the ceremony.



Part of me felt guilty for turning my attention towards the epicurean part of the festivities, and the other part of me just sighed deep down inside and tried not to get disappointed ahead of time. I remember the last time I was at an event there was almost nothing there safe for me to eat, so I went home hungry and annoyed due to the lack of gluten free options. This time however, I stayed present in the moment and tried not to focus on what I may or may not be able to eat. Rather, I turned my attention to the lovely open bar, fruit and cheese (all GF) of the next hour.

When it was time for dinner, the tables were called to eat one by one… our table was last (go figure). And so I apprehensively walked up to the buffet line and was surprised┬áto find beautifully cooked mixed vegetables, roasted potatoes and a carving station. Thank the gluten free gods!!! I proceeded to sit down and eat my gluten free meal and then remembered: CAKE! There was a beautiful and quirky cake sitting just behind us and I knew that after dinner, came cake (duh, it was a wedding after all). Cake that was almost definitely not gluten free, and so I wondered “Will I be the only one missing out?”.

As it turns out, I was in fact the ONLY gluten free person at the entire wedding (of about 100 people)! So while everyone had what they repeatedly and enthusiastically deemed to be “the best wedding cake EVER”, I sat on the sidelines with my tiny cup of coffee, bummed and unable to live vicariously through anyone taking a fluffy, delicious bite. Was I disappointed??? You bet your sweet cake eating ass I was! I LOVE cake! I mean L-O-V-E! (Who doesn’t???) But as I sat and watched people go for seconds on the confectionary that apparently dreams were made of, I had a thought: “maybe I’m not supposed to be eating cake right now!” Dammit. Could it be? Well, yeah, it had to have been. And so I checked my negative emotions at the door, relished my little cup of coffee, and hit the dance floor with all the cake eaters. And you know what??? I had a blast! Even if I was the only one that didn’t get to eat cake.



Congratulations to Erin & Oliver Masaba on their union… good times, great people and awesome wedding! Thanks for inviting me to share in your day with you both. xo :)



  1. Maureen says

    Awesome story Shea. You poor thing. I feel for you. Thats how is goes for me when I go to the BBQ’s.
    All I hear is “Who eats Veggie Burgers?”


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